This I Believe Wraps Up

After a 6-week long exploration into beliefs, we wrapped up our unit with published podcasts, a discussion with grade 11 students and a final reflection.

Talking with grade 11 about beliefs

The podcasts will be published on this site. See the left-hand column. We’ll publish 3 a day and then vote on which one to send to National Public Radio’s site: “This I Believe.”

The discussion with the grade 11 Theory of Knowledge class was great. Students shared the beliefs they had written about in their essays and then asked grade 11 students about their beliefs. They talked together about how to react when someone didn’t have the same beliefs as you, and students got to hear how the grade 11 students’ beliefs had changed as they got older.

Students then reflected on everything they had learned and done during our units on beliefs and thought about their own understanding of how they had changed.

Grade 11 students talk about beliefs

Their comments:

  • I used to think that beliefs were religious. Now I think that beliefs are people’s passions and the things they enjoy the most in life.
  • I didn’t really know what beliefs were before. Now I think that beliefs are something that is valuable to you.
  • I used to think most people had the same beliefs. Now I think that beliefs are really important in life and that everybody has their own and interesting beliefs.
  • I used to think that beliefs were imagination. Now I think that beliefs are things that I will always have in my heart.

Everyone learned a lot and opened their eyes to the world a bit. Now on to energy.

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