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Shaping up with Shapes

photo 1Over these last few weeks, students have been playing with, discussing and making shapes. They’ve learned to discuss shape properties using geometric language and put together their learning in a presentation.

Shapes demand some hands-on play, and studentsphoto 3 have made 3-D shapes using nets, blocks and sticks and clay. They’ve also put together a presentation of their learning. It’s shaping up to be a great end of the year!

An’s presentation about shapes:

Voting for the Garden Blueprint

It’s the first blog post written by students. This post was written and photographed by Oscar, An, and Alicia. Every week, a team of students will be writing blog posts. Oscar, An, and Alicia got everyone off to a great start.

votingOn Monday, September 22 2014, everyone voted for a blueprint that we made of the garden. We had to divide the garden between 3 classes. We had about 2-3 weeks to finish it. On Monday we finally voted for the best blueprint. Everyone was excited and nervous. Everyone voted with star stickers, and everyone had 3 stars each. The winner was Mai and Mitsuki. They had 18 stars, and the other group that was close had 15 stars.

Then we went back to our rooms. Mai and Mitsuki were pretty excited. Then Karthik came back with big news! Hey he said it is actually him, Colin, Josh and Eileen had the 18 stars! Mai and Mitsuki had 15 stars! So instead Colin, Karthik, Eileen and Josh had won the blueprint! Oscar did an interview with Karthik and he said this.

group1Interview With Karthik by Oscar

Were you glad that you won?
I was glad and I thought I was cooperative.

Were you surprised when you were actually the one who won?

Yes I was surprised, and how the people looked at the colors.

Did you like doing the blueprint?
Yeah it made me feel like a real planner that builds things.

If you had the choice to do the garden blueprint again, would you want to do it?”
I would talk with my group and if they said yes then yes. I would do different ideas. My answer is yes.

My interview with Karthik was cool because I would say something completely different. What I have to say is GREAT JOB KARTHIK AND HIS GROUP!

Amazing Mathematical Thinking

IMG_7597Students have been working hard in the garden during our first unit where we’re incorporating measurement through hands-on garden measuring. The students had the task of dividing up the garden evenly between our three grade 4 classes.

They’ve learned about measuring and practiced using a variety of measuring tools. They’ve been dividing and adding on with decimals and figuring out how to scale a drawing.

Their conversations last week about scale were amazing. In groups, they got down to the task of putting their measurements on their garden blueprints. Everyone realized they couldn’t actually draw the 15 meter garden space so they talked in groups about how to best do this. They naturally came together with calculators and ideas, converting centimeters to meters and then dividing everything so that it would fit.

IMG_7612One group worked on guessing numbers to divide their garden length by so it would fit on the paper and then guessed again when it didn’t work. Another group started thinking about what a meter would represent, trying different numbers until they finally came to the idea that 1 m could represent 2 centimeters.

Another group suddenly had the “Aha” that our model blueprints from the other class weren’t drawn to scale because the garden wasn’t a nice square but a long rectangle. Everyone ran to the window to observe the garden again to confirm that yes, their blueprint should look long and skinny.

IMG_7651Blueprints are done, colored and ready for voting. It’s been an amazing exercise in mathematical thinking and problem solving. They’ve had to sort out fairly dividing the garden, even when realizing there was a tree and water spigot taking over some area in one part of the garden. They’ve had to collaborate, observe, measure, accurately calculate and even start to figure out decimals and what .3 of a meter looks like.

IMG_7649Real life math is fun, and everyone has been so consumed by it, we didn’t want to do anything else for a few days. On to the voting and some more authentic math.