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What’s Happening in 4B this week

This week’s blog comes from Aya, Khadija and Anish. Anish worked as the reporter, and Aya did the writing while Khadija did some of the photography.

New inquiry!

We are starting a new inquiry. The inquiry is all about The Earth is Changing And This Impacts Living Things. We filled out a question sheet for the first day of our inquiry. We had sections. One about climates, the next about rocks and which type of rocks come from, ocean, and earthquakes. We had fun answering the questions on our sheet.


We have been planting seeds to make seedlings in our little plastic pots. There are 18 of them. Half of the pots are planted seeds of peas and the other half of the pots are planted broccoli seeds. Guess what! The peas have been growing really fast. There are getting taller and taller… oh ohh. Unfortunately the plants have been too tall so that they began to bend. That is because Typhoon 19 have invaded so we could not have planted them. We wish we have a time when we could plant those quick! The broccoli’s were first very tiny, but they also began to get taller. Mrs. Blum says that we are taking good care of the garden. Karthik, Josh, and Ken finished our greenhouse! We have planted cabbage seeds inside the greenhouse. The cabbage seeds are growing. Little sprouts are coming up.


Over the past few days with our writing, we have done drafts in our books. Almost everybody is going to the next step, refining. Refining is where you check your work for any spellings, paragraphs, full stop, and if there is the important part and so on. We interviewed An about refining.

Question: Do you like refining?

An:I like refining because because then my writing make sense and I will have good grammar.

Question: Do you think you refining really helps your work? Why?

An: I think refining helps me because then my work makes sense.


There was two typhoons that invaded us. Typhoon 18 and Typhoon 19. We could not go outside for lots of days. Even today, October 15th, 2014 it rained and we could not go out for recess. The greenhouse is getting a little bit shaped out because of the rain. It only rained a bit at lunch recess, but after 5 minutes, it began to rain a lot. Our clothes were wet.


We have been reading books that Mrs. Blum suggests. Some people are reading “Leepike Ridge”, ‘’Wayside school”, and “Max and Maddy and the Chocolate Money Mystery.” For reading, you have to imagine what is happening in your mind. You do not read like a robot if you know what the picture is in your head.


We have been getting together with our buddies. We are buddies to 2C. We do fun things like reading to the kids and playing in the garden. We had real fun in the garden. Some made holes and some made mud puddles. Also we played fruit salad in a different way.  The different way is salsa and chips. The ingredients are spice, tomatoes, chips, salsa, and chillies.