Learning Through Service

This week we were able to continue our learning through service with the America Yama Garden Academy. We discovered that each person learns different things about themselves when they serve. Some of us have younger brothers and sisters; some of us don’t. Some of us speak Japanese; some of us don’t. All of these unique parts of us mean that we learn different things when we serve and interact with others.






Each student reflected on their service learning and what it meant to them with these thoughts:

I learned I should be kind to kindergarteners. W.D.

I feel a little bit sad because I can not see them again. I learned that learning Japanese is important in Japan. Logan

It was OK when they left because It is hard to play with little kids. I learned playing with sand together was easier than talking. Junsei

I learned that I felt happy because we did the tunnel, and I like seeing the kids go underneath.  Hamish

It was hard to be a risk taker. I only speak English everyday so speaking Japanese is hard. I also learned that some people have to be a translator. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard. L.J.

I felt kind of sad because I won’t see them again. I learned that I need to be more of a risk taker and I need to play more with little kids. Paula

I felt better by helping Logan digging that hole. I learned it is easier to play with third graders more than kindergarteners, especially ones that speak Japanese because I don’t speak Japanese. Alex

I learned that some people have different opinions because I don’t like sandbox and I’m a girl, but they liked sandbox and they are girls, and I didn’t think they would choose that. Thanina

I learned that the boy was interested in searching for the marbles. Carolina

I learned that helping others is important. I think they had a good time and I am a little bit sad because I will never see them again, but I’m also happy because they are going to grade one. Jingyi

I learned how to get marbles out of the dirt from the drain because some people let the marbles drop in there and the girls got them out. Lara

I learned that caring for little kids is hard. Kane

I learned that it is a bit different when I play because they are Japanese. V. S.

I learned that it is hard to play with people that speak Japanese when I know only a little. Troy




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