Summertime Haiku

It’s hard to believe that summer is here! We began our year with free verse, sharing the many things that we liked. We end our year with the simplicity of Haiku – a few lines of reflection, from nature to friends to thoughts about the summer.

Thank you 3B, for our wonderful journey together. We have learned so much. I have learned so much.

Enjoy a few of our Haikus from a few students who wanted to share.


Jungle  by Troy

Ocelots live here.

Tons of trees and wood is here.

Visit the jungle.


Friends  by Lindsey

A friend is the best.

A friend can help everyday.

A friend makes you smile.


Plants  by Valmik

I like plants a lot.

Plants need lots of clean water.

They grow in summer.


The Fox  by Jingyi

I live in grassland,

red fur of a beauty

fast as a lightning.


Reading  by Lindsey

Reading is the best.

Reading gets you smart and wise

If you are relaxed.


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