From Trading to Selling – A Continued Look at Perspective






Our last blog post shared about our trading game, and the affect this trading game had on our lives.

The students shared different perspectives on this  – some said the game affected their lives a lot, they were sad about their trade and thought about it late into the evening and even the next day, others said that it affected them a little, they didn’t think much about it, after the trade.

This concept of perspective has continued throughout this Unit of How We Organize Ourselves.

The students are now organizing what goods or service they would like to offer at our Grade 3 Buddies Carnival, and considering the perspectives of their customers.

What would their buddies like to do or buy? What service can we provide that would be fun for our buddies?

What would our buddies consider to be a good prize or a good product/good?

Would kindergarteners like comics? Would they like this comic? Would 3rd graders like this comic?

What would they consider is a fair price? What is too expensive? What is too cheap?

What type of advertising would be most persuasive?

The students are continuing to consider the concept of perspective as they near the opening of their Grade 3 Buddies Carnival on May 3rd.

Please enjoy some of our planning and preparation photos in this Flickr Album – Organizing and Preparing for our Buddies Carnival.