Celebrations and surprises


On the last day of this week, the ELC moms helped celebrate Mrs. Cancemi’s birthday with the children giving her their loving hugs, flowers, gifts and cakes.
In the afternoon, the children surprised Mrs. Cancemi with a video message on what they love about her.
From all of us in the ELC, thank you for celebrating with us.
And thank you Mrs. Cancemi for making the ELC such a wonderful place. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Mrs. Cancemi! from YIS ELC on Vimeo.

Mr. Konno


Mr. Konno is our ELC Security Guard who greets the children and parents every morning with a kind smile and keeps us all safe. With many thanks to Bev’s thoughtfulness in organizing the mothers to contribute towards purchasing a thank you gift for Mr. Konno, the moms thought it may be a good idea if the children came up with an idea as to how to present the gift.

“We should all give it together!” A suggestion was made to the children if they thought it may be a nice idea to invite him into the ELC. “Yes, we should do that! He is always just outside.  Let’s invite him in, we will sit in the Piazza, like we do for Mariko-san and Kosugi-san (our two cleaning staff the children know so well).

On Wednesday afternoon, which coincided with Mr. Konno’s last day of duty at the ELC and YIS, we invited him inside the ELC.

Some children came up to say “thank you”, “good bye” and “I love you”

The Piazza was filled with so much warmth and love, we thought we detected a tear in Mr. Konno’s kind eyes…


Photo 5-21-15, 2 57 59 PM




One E1 child enthusiastically suggested to hang/put lights on the trees in our playground to welcome our Baby Home friend. The teachers thought that making lanterns with cellophane papers would be a beautiful way to connect their learning and experiences thus far with our unit of inquiry on light. Also by using empty milk cartons, the children can experience how used materials, which could be thrown away, have the possibility to transform into something beautiful.

Each child designed shapes which the light can shine through his/her lantern. They chose colored cellophane papers to cover their shapes, and they decorated the other sides of lanterns with colorful tissue papers which were also cut into the shapes they designed,such as a heart, circle, flower and eggs.

IMG_2140 IMG_2139







I feel that these beautiful lanterns represent their kind, warm, and caring hearts.We are all excited to hang them outside on the trees to welcome our friend next week!




Thinking about our Baby Home friends


Visiting the Harbor View Park to view and smell the roses this week, we saw some children from a Japanese preschool also visiting the park. This sparked a question in one of our children who said: “I wonder how our Baby Home friends are?” At our morning meeting the following day, we discussed the idea about inviting our Baby Home friends to the ELC again.

“Yes, let’s surprise them, a party outside with lights on the trees!”

“And this time, they should stay longer…”

While the E2 children were visiting Kindergarten, the E1 children had an opportunity to discuss further and explain their ideas through drawing:

“We can say hello”

“And say Happy Birthday”

“And we can say I love you”

“And we can sing to them, welcome to the ELC!”

“We can put a present to them”

“I will draw the present”

Please enjoy viewing their ideas through their drawings:

Baby Home friends from YIS ELC on Vimeo.

A collaborative painting on the terrace


One by one three E1 children visited the Atelier on a sunny morning. Each child chose a different space to paint – on a table, on an easel and at a small table. It was such a beautiful morning, pleasantly not cold, not too hot and no mosquitos! I took a big sheet of paper outside and invited these three children to come to the terrace outside of the Atelier after they had finished their own paintings. Their faces brightened, genuinely excited about painting on such big paper.

IMG_1866 IMG_1869






We heard birds singing. We smelled herbs from our garden. We felt the soft breeze. This peacefulness also flowed naturally between the children. They shared paint jars nicely using kind words, gave complements on each other’s work and they had good laughs together. The following day, I left this painting outside so that they could paint whenever they felt like coming back to it during outdoor exploration time. Then on and off other children began to join in.










“It’s beautiful!” a child said.

I cannot help but think the same, such a beautiful collaborative painting!


Exploring mathematical concepts through the pattern blocks


Over four weeks through our Small Group rotations, both E1 and E2 classes have been exploring mathematical concepts of shape, pattern, space and problem solving through the pattern blocks. 
Their creations incorporate not only mathematical concepts but stories and characters dear to their hearts.  Please enjoy viewing the slideshow below put together by Ms Lara.

Math Concepts: Pattern Blocks from YIS ELC on Vimeo.

Our very first Sports Day


What is Sports Day?
“It is a day you do sports.” “You play games, like an egg and spoon race…”

We wondered together what Sports Day would be like as we counted down the days to this special day. When we discussed that there will be other classes also joining Sports Day and asked how everyone will know that we are from the ELC, the children thought that writing ELC on our shirts will help everyone know.  And to the question of a symbol for ELC, after much contemplation of a symbol that represents everyone at ELC, we asked what are all the ELC children good at? An idea came up that the symbol of HANDS can represent the ELC because we are good at making things with our HANDS and when we have good ideas, we raise our HANDS to share them.

What shall we call our team? THE ELC TEAM!

Hands are so symbolic of the children at the ELC – we raise our hands as gestures for communication, we create with our hands, we feel the warmth of the soil as we dig and then we feel the sensation of the water as we wash them with soapy water…and we hold hands, offering kindness, friendship, security…of belonging to a team.

Such was our very first experience of participating in Sports Day.

YIS ES Sports Day (ELC) from YIS ELC on Vimeo.

Parent Information Afternoon


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”    Leonardo da Vinci

The children have a great deal of opportunity to explore media and materials, and we wished to offer this same experience to our parents. Basing our approach on the concept of ‘un-cluttered-ness’, ( i.e., simplicity, the elimination of clutter) to unearth the essence and beauty of materials and creations, we shared our value towards the care in the use of art materials with an emphasis on aesthetics as form of empathy and sensitivity.

Parent Information Afternoon from YIS ELC on Vimeo.

Field Trip to Children’s Natural Park


Living the Learner Profile:

Our field trip offered a lovely opportunity to enjoy a shared experience between the children, family members and teachers. The children also exhibited many attributes of the PYP learner profile as they delighted in the various experiences on their field trip. They were caring as they held the animals at the petting zoo, risk takers climbing on the play equipment, communicators in so many different ways interacting with their friends and family members at the park.

A Trip to The Children’s Natural Park from YIS ELC on Vimeo.

Spring holiday experiences


Spring is a lovely time of year, with so many flowers blossoming after the long winter.  Whilst the temperature was quite low this week, the children spent time discovering flowers blooming in all corners of the ELC garden, as well as enjoying the time reuniting with their friends after the holidays. The following slideshow narrates the children’s many experiences from the holidays.

Spring holiday experiences from YIS ELC on Vimeo.