Last month we began our ‘Library Time’ at ELC. This is time when the children listen to a story then get to choose a book from our library shelf that they can then take home.  Mrs Kar visits from the main YIS Library each Tuesday afternoon and we enjoy a ‘new’ story that she has chosen for us. She has taken us on some wonderful adventures involving far away lands and magical creatures. The children’s love of stories is always shown on their faces as they listen. Recently I selected one of the books Mrs Kar had sent entitled “Tiger Goes Wild”,  to read to the children.  A wonderful discussion followed about where we could find a ‘wilderness’ and who had been to such a place. Ms Destiny seemed to have been the only one – Central Park in New York city?

Following the story the children are able to independently select their own library book. Everyone is very excited to do this and they take great pride in making their selection which they then take home that afternoon . We are sure you enjoy having a new book at home to read.  Together we are growing life long readers and children who will always love a good story. Happy reading.