When we arrived back from the Spring Break everyone was very surprised to see how much everything in the ELC garden had grown. All our herbs were much bigger, the radish, coriander and snap pea seeds we had sown before the break were all sprouting, the tulips were flowering and when we looked at the broccoli and cabbage plants we had a big surprise. They were huge! It was time to harvest.

The work of the Gardening Group, that had been done in the autumn was being rewarded and the children’s desire to ‘grow food’ had come to fruition.¬†It was with eager anticipation that we cut the huge head of broccoli and the very large cabbage. JP from the YIS kitchen took the cabbage and prepared it for us the next day with seaweed and sesame oil. It was delicious. The broccoli has been put in the fridge and will be cooked next week.

Each day as the children are out in the play ground they often ask for pieces of fresh parsley or coriander or a spring of chocolate mint to chew on. Leaves from our other cabbage are also being pulled off and eaten by the children.