As the culmination of our unit of inquiry on ‘How we express ourselves’, our much awaited ELC Exhibition was held last Friday with much joy and excitement- joy, to be able to share the creations with family members and friends, and excitement as there was an element of surprise for the adults, with only the children knowing what the Exhibition is all about. It was such a beautiful day…

The children created their works without knowing that they were creating ‘for an exhibition’. They created with the thought of what is beautiful to them, thus making their creation in the purest form without any constraints. There are no dark crevices in the works of young children, their work is full of optimism and hope, bringing smiles upon our faces and happiness inside our hearts.

As one child expressed with deep emotion: “The Exhibition is finished…I feel sad…”

We all felt and shared this sentiment; however, we hope we will all be able to revisit again and again the messages of the children through the movies below as memory of our beautiful experience together.

What is Beautiful – ELC Exhibit 2017 from lara magtalas on Vimeo.

A walkthrough the ELC Exhibition from YIS ELC on Vimeo.