Baby Home from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

The ELC has a long lasting relationship with the Lady of Lourdes Baby Home. Every year we invite the youngest children, who are not yet in school, to come and play with us at the ELC. In preparation for the children’s visit we discuss the Baby Home and how we could welcome our friends. We did this first with the E2 children who had experienced the visit last year. The children’s thinking and their contributions were very powerful and they were able to convey this to the E1 group. The children displayed real empathy for the Baby Home children and had a real sense of concern for others who did not have mum’s and dad’s as they did. It was decided that we would draw, paint and make origami as a ‘gift.’ On Tuesday three children visited us; we sang songs together, ate  fruit snack, played in the classroom and explored outside. The ELC children were very welcoming and it was a delight to see them hand in hand enjoying each others company. We are looking forward to another visit next week.