On Wednesday a group of 10 E1 and E2 children walked down to the main with Ms Yuka and Ms Beth. We were going to the art studio to make ceramic bowls with Ms Justice (Evie’s mum) and her Grade 8 class. Our ELC children were each paired up with one of the Grade 8 students; Ms Beth’s daughter Sofia was there as was Anna’s brother Dan. Together the children pounded and rolled the brown clay which they formed over mould. Then they used  leaves, pinecones and sticks that they had gathered in the park to make patterns and prints in the surface of the clay. The bowls were then left to dry and would be fired in the kiln later. In two weeks time we will return to  art studio to glaze the bowls and then place then in the kiln ourselves to be fired again. The finished will be used to serve our fruit snack each day.

This was a wonderful experience for both our ELC children and the Grade 8 students to be able to work together. Ms Justice commented that her students ‘were buzzing’ after we left.

We want to extend this experience to the other ELC children and hope the ‘experts’ we now have in ceramics will show the other children how to make a bowl over the next few weeks.