The ELC children experienced their own ‘snowy day’ on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The excitement on the faces of the children was lovely to see. Our playground, covered in snow looked delightful. The children ran around feeling and touching the snow. With a snow day on Tuesday many children built snowmen and played outside with their families.

Here are some of the thoughts from the children:

Lea  “It’s beautiful! I like that!”

Sebastian “So fun!.”

JJ  “I like the snow. Because I can play with the snow.”

Kai  “Look, snow is over there!”  ” I like snow because I can wear rain boots.”

Samu ” It’a snowing, it’s snowing!”  “Flower is getting snow!”

Emma E2   “I eat snow!”

Zain “It’s like soft and so cold!”

Henry “I made ice. I squished the snow and put together and made ice” when I dropped it some of them broke.”

Ellis “It’s nice and peaceful.”