We have begun our HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES unit of inquiry with the central idea that ‘stories can be told in many ways’. We wanted to gage the children’s understanding of this central idea at the beginning of the unit. Each child was asked individually, “what is a story?’

Some of the responses of the children:

“A story is a book.”

“Something that you …something with pictures and something that we can read from.”

“Something that you love and something that you read.”

“Story is new, like flower story or owl story.”

“A story is a something to read.”

“Sounds. It’s like sounds. You can hear……”

“Mukashi banashi.”  (story from a long time ago)

“A special story.”

After reading over all the thoughts of the children and seeing what ‘threads’ of understanding we could identify the teachers decided that they wanted to provide provocations to the group that would broaden their understanding of ‘a story’. Parents have been invited in to share ‘stories’ and the teachers are also thinking of ways to share. Ms Mason is using music with stories. Our puppet theatre is out and many other experiences are available  to the children. Children are natural story tellers and we are excited to see how this inquiry will develop.