Conflicts are great opportunities for children to learn about perspective taking, positive social interactions and about relationships. Treating others with respect and kindness is a value that we wold like to nurture in the children at the ELC. We also want to incorporate the idea that stories can be told in many ways. The teachers introduced ‘Stop-Think-Speak’ strategy through series of short skits using traffic light colors. We asked the children to identify what each color of the traffic light means:

The red one is no and the green one is yes.

The yellow one is go.

No, yellow is be careful and slow.

We then introduced that red means stop, yellow  is for slowing down and think, and green is for speaking or acting. These short skits demonstrated different ‘unexpected behaviors’ that the teachers have observed.  We hope that it will help the children remember to ‘Stop-Think-Speak’ as they interact with each other.  We asked the children to discuss what each person can do better next time during each skit. Here are some of their suggestions:

Be sensible.

Be nice.

Say sorry.

No hitting.

Tell the teacher.

The children were excited to see their teachers performing stories so we were not surprised when some children expressed their own interest in acting out their own ‘story’.  We are sure there will be more performances in the future as we continue to explore different scenarios.

We want to encourage you to help us reinforce this strategy by using the same language when discussing ‘expected/unexpected behaviors’ and asking the children to ‘stop-think-speak’ at home.

We hope the video below will help you start your own conversations at home.