After being exposed to many different stories from parents and teachers and the children making their own stories we wanted the children to reflect on these experiences. Had their understanding of ‘what is a story’ grown?

“My Dad, about when he went camping and he thought it was a beaver but it was actually a bear, he just telled it.”

“Josie’s dad, he write it, like use a marker to write it on the board.”

“My dad also acted out and he asked some of the children to act it out.”

“The story when we do the puppet show.”

“Beverley’s story….. using body and book…… and the cards she gave you to tell you the words.”

“I read a story about a tiger coming to tea with Henry.”

“I have at my house a three little pigs, Spanish too.”

“I made a story at my home, I made it with paper.”

“I made a story, it’s in my pocket… me and Elsie made a story together, I wrote it and I drawed a picture”

“I make stories with my puppet, it is a very scary, scary story.”

“My mom read a story about the red elf, story got pictures.”

“My mommy too, Korean and my mommy is good at reading in Korean.”

“Noah’s mum… picnic….rain…bee…train… rhyme, train and rain.”

“You did the fruit snack one with Ms Hitomi…. Ms Hitomi was poking Ms Beth….  the fruit snack one.”

The teachers reflected on the children’s comments. Their understanding had certainly expanded. A story was no longer just something that came from a book.

We then told the children that we had been taking photos and videos of the ‘stories’ that had been happening at the ELC.

“We can show the video to our mum’s and dad’s….to the janitor….to the cleaning ladies….to Ms Mason….Mr Claydon….and we can send it to Santa!…..and then the whole world can see it.”   

We are looking forward to showing you the video at our ELC Assembly on Tuesday!