The children have been anticipating this event for quite sometime. They have been adamant about who they want to invite to this special occasion; people who are closest to them and people who have played a part in their daily lives such as Melody who brings them lunch, the care takers who are always there to help them fix things, the teachers and most importantly their family members. It was very important for the children to have an audience who shows their appreciation for what they have created, to share their excitement and to experience how a community comes together to support each other.

We wonder how the children perceive and remember this special day, so we asked them two questions:

“What do you think about the ELC Assembly?”
“What do you remember?”

Mommy and daddy come.

Our mommies and daddies come because it’s our ELC Assembly.

We watched a movie and all kind of things were there.

We watched a movie of us making stories.

I gave Ms. Hitomi flowers and she was happy and she was a little bit crying.

Puppet show and Rio and Wyatt was funny.

It was so funny. I was telling a story and it was funny.

I liked Anan’s story and it was funny.

She was dancing. Dancing to a book.

I liked Leo’s story.

We looked me. 




We hope that the children will continue to create and tell their stories in many different ways, to recognize their ability to tell stories and to take ownership as well as take pride in their own learnings.