Sport in general is a healthy vehicle to promote both mental and physical health. Sports help develop self esteem, teamwork and leadership skills. It is a natural stress reliever and, most importantly, it is FUN!!!

The ELC children have been discussing and choosing a team name. Many suggestions and ideas were floating around as to what we should call ourselves: ELC flowers, ELC magic millions, ELC popcorn, ELC bunnies and ELC friends just to name a few. After a few discussions, we have narrowed it down to two: ELC friends and ELC magic.

A way in which everyone can participate as well as make the process fair for all is to have a vote. This is a great opportunity for the children to learn about societal decision-making.  The children were invited to add a mark of their choice to indicate which name they prefer.

We tallied up the marks. ELC Magic got 20 votes while ELC Friends got 18 and so ELC Magic is our team name this year. 

It was an important learning experience for the children to understand how their participation through voting helped them as a group to make a decision. It was also important for the children to understand that the result may or may not reflect what they wish and to learn to willingly accept a group decision that was made fairly.


The children also decided on what type of magic powers they are going to have on Sports Day.

Rylie:  I have magic hands. It makes me fly.

Syamil: Magic hands catch the fish.

Kiwa: Magic wings I can fly.

Lena: Magic rainbow.

Noah: Magic hands to make a house.

Emma: Magic fingers help everybody.

Josie: Magic fingers to help everyone and stitch.

Kashvi: Magic whole body can fly.

Ellis: Magical hands – they can do everything in the world. Also have wings and fly.

Zein: Magic eyes, the light can come to you. The light goes into my body and I can glow.

Giuliana: Magic hands that turn into a butterfly.

Joshua: Magic head it can jump.

Anna: Magic fingers to go shhhh.

Sunny: Magic eyes go like this (jiggle around).

Hanna: Magic hands (can open and shut really fast).

Sebastian: Magic eyes can fly.

JJ: Magic muscles. I can hold anything.

So: Magical eyes run fast and fly.

Lea: Magic eyes jump high.

Emma Y: Magic running feet fast.

Elsie: Magic hands to do handstands.

Anan: Magic feet to run.

Evie: Magical knees running fast.

Dean: Magic eyes can see so far away.

Nick: Magic teeth go power out.

Oliver: Magic head run away.

Maia: Magic hands run with my hands.

Lili: Magic to change colours like a chameleon.

Wyatt: Magic to turn invisible and to turn back.

Leo: Magic face.

Jaime: Magic mouth, I can jump with my mouth.

Jannis: Magic eyes with fire.

Samu: Magic eyes see far away and flap my wings.

Henry: Magic eyes. My eyes can shoot holes.

Rio: Rainbow magic power makes me powerful.

Ethan: Magic feet run fast.

Max: My magic power is running very fast at the speed of light.

On Sports Day, we are so proud to see the children taking responsibility for their own learnings: being courageous and trying their best, using their skills in different activities and persevering in difficult situations. The E1 were awarded with a certificate of being a RISK TAKER while the E2 received an INDEPENDENCE certificate at the closing ceremony. 

ELC Magic – Sports Day from YIS Academics on Vimeo.