Our new inquiry in to WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME: An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories and discoveries has begun.

Some of the questions and provocations that will drive this inquiry are:

What is change? What does ‘change’ mean to you? How do you feel when the changes occur? What have you learned about yourself that you could not do or did not know before and now you know or can do it? Can you think of something that helps you change your feelings? Sometimes you are feeling sad or angry what helps you to change that feeling?

The E2 children have made two visits to Kindergarten and have started to think about the change that will take place soon in their lives. This will also make a difference to the E1 children who will stay on at the ELC and become our older E2’s.

In small groups we asked the children, ‘What is change?’ A discussion followed and the children went on by draw their thinking. Their responses were many and varied. There will be threads of thinking we may want to follow.

 “Lizards can change into different colours.”

“Money, change, when you run out of money and you get some more.”

“Caterpillar change to butterfly, she eat and she grow up and she go into butterfly.”

Change your shoes, change your jacket, change your backpack.”

“When I was first I could not change my shoes because we were so little, now I can change.”

“Change means something different.”

“When you change something with someone you can be their friend.”

“If something is not working you can change it.”

“You can change houses – switch houses – I changed houses.”

“Change is like when change country…..or when you change schools.”


Old home, this is my new home, changing house.

Change trains to grandma’s house.

This is when I can jump very high.

Money, change. When you run out of money and you get more.