According to the Preschools and Infant-Toddler centres of Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Children are active protagonists of their growth and development processes. We, at the ELC, hold the same belief in our children’s abilities and rights to take charge of their own learning.

We have observed in the past few weeks an extraordinary energy and drive for learning. We have seen the children taking such active role in their own quest for knowledge and new experiences both indoors and outdoors. They are experiencing an explosion of life in the garden now that the weather is warmer. There are many new discoveries, shared excitement, exploration and inquiries happening everyday.

A group of children were curious about some cabbages we harvested last week. They wondered what’s inside these cabbages. We made predictions and decided to peel off each layer one at a time. We found a slug and a few other tiny insects.

A child found several rollie-pollies and decided to create a house for them. He carefully added dirt and leaves to make sure the rollie-pollies are in an environment that is similar to their natural habitat. A week later, he returned to the garden do the same thing but this time he enlisted his friends to join in his exploration into finding rollie-pollies and making a suitable environment for them.

Here are some of the snippets from the children’s chatter about their discoveries in the garden.

 We saw a real butterfly.

I found many rollie-pollies.

I’ve got a poisonous bug.

I eat parsley.

That’s a flying ant.

Hm…this smells nice.

Spider! Look! Move, it’s here.

We are planting. 




What will you discover when you are out on a walk, at a park or just outside in your own garden?