Water Play from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

‘Every child wants to watch or touch or listen to water. Water provides opportunity for endless play and experimentation. Children enjoy the feel of it and the way it flows and splashes. The properties of water are endlessly fascinating.’ Natural Playscapes, Creating Outdoor Play Environments for the Soul’

We have had a wonderful week out in the garden with the introduction of water into the environment. Every child seems to have been engaged. Some children enjoyed scoping and pouring the water as they stood at the water table, others liked filling and refilling small containers, some took the sponges and washed the bikes, others watered the garden. A group uses the plastic pipes and gutters and formed a water course.

The children have been so interested in water that we are staying outside longer and have even had our snack outside so we can continue with our inquiry. As summer days continue we are all very interested to see our water work will progress.