Hello and thank you for visiting my YIS blog. I maintain two primary online environments. For my classes and YIS related content please refer to the tabs at the top of this site. Those tabs are organized to take you to the resources available for my Theory of Knowledge and PSHE classes. I try to put as much information on-line as possible so that you know what work needs to be done and can find the information you need to do the work to the highest quality standard.

I also maintain a comprehensive personal/professional blog http://whoisadamclark.com.  At that site you will find a range of articles mostly related to my primary occupation in mental health and school counseling but also other posts about technology in education or health and wellness. I am also fairly active on twitter so happy to interact through that medium as well.

In addition to my role as school counselor and teacher, I also oversee high school student council and our school’s skateboard park on Friday afternoons and some weekends. I look forward to seeing you at school. – A. Clark