22 thoughts on “Grade 7 Dance

  1. It takes a supportive atmosphere for a group of 7th graders to feel good about breaking out their dance moves like that. That impressed me as much as the dance. Well done!

  2. Whilst creating this dance, I felt really happy and I thought that it was fun because I was staying active but I wasn’t doing full on sports like basketball. I really made me feel happy how everyone is commenting about our video.

    Charlotte 🙂

  3. I can’t really take credit of my dance moves because most of them were from Alina and Rhiannu that they randomly made and we took some of it and performed it. Next time I would like to make my own dance moves. I would like to work on the transitions on how I make these moves because it looks unnatural.

  4. Our dance looks good overall. I love how every group has unique dance moves.I think I could of improved a lot.I need to stop looking at my group mate and start looking at the front more.My group thought of the dance quickly so next time I would like to think of a dance move in more detail.I love how we ended the most!!!

  5. When I was doing this dance, I really enjoyed doing it, and had so much fun 🙂 I can see that other people also enjoyed the video and I am very happy. When I was thinking of my own movement for some parts I got confuse like what kind of moves should I put in; but when I performed it and watched the final one, I felt that it went pretty good with my partner which was Charlotte. I think as a class for the next dance we can improve on timing our selves to when to come in, when to go off stage, and when to get ready to go on stage. If we time ourselves I think our group dance will improve much much more. For the next dance we are making, I want to try dance a pop song(a song that is bright) because when I listen to musics, I like listening to musics that are bright because it makes me feel happy and I think if I dance with songs I like, it would be so much fun 🙂

  6. For our first time I thought we did a good job considering that this is our first time. I think if we practiced more we would have done a better job. We didn’t know a lot of moves and we still did this well. I think this is impressive.

  7. I want to improve the start of the dance when the song was going and I had nothing to do. So that is the reason why I just moved my body around.

  8. I Hope that next time we will be able to spend more time on choreographing
    so we can make it better. Thanks for all the support!

  9. I thought that making this whole dance with the whole class in 1 hour and 30min is really impressive for the first activity in this unit. Even though it wasn’t perfect we still gave a lot of happy energy while dancing and the most important thing is that we all had lots of fun. Seeing comments for our video it makes me think that its good that everyone enjoyed watching. Next time to improve I want to get more time to think about the movements and to practice I think that it would help a lot. For our next activity I want to create a dance where there is lots of types of movements such as soft, slow and fast.

  10. I was part of the video and the doing the dance was very embarrassing but from the comments this video got I feel proud that I participated but still a little embarrassed because in my opinion I am not a good dancer.

  11. I want to improve on synchronization and also improve the style of my dancing. I want to try hip hop dancing because its fast paced.

  12. When I participated in this unit, I found it terrifying and embarrassing. I think that it was an interesting project. I want to improve on moving more fluidly and slightly faster, and more naturally. I think I was good at relatively little, but I stayed at the same tempo while doing my part, And I think that this was utterly embarrassing when actually doing it, but I think that it was fun to look at what we did.

  13. I really enjoyed our first dance of the unit, and we did a lot better than I thought we would as a class. I’m looking forward to improving more throughout the unit. Specifically, I think we should work on getting our timing and rhythm right.

  14. I thought that this performance was Awesome! We did this only in 2 periods and that is impressive 🙂 At the end of the unit,I would love to perform another dance and see how much everyone has improved. I can’t wait to see what we will learn next!

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