Grade 3 – Fitness & the cross country unit

Grade 3 have finished an integrated unit of inquiry with a central idea of “Exploration leads to knowledge and innovation”.

We started reading the book entitled “My Book about ME” by Dr. Suess. The students explored distance with their bodies, feet, hands… and pedometers! In order to do this all students wear pedometers each lesson and monitor their steps. The pedometer provided us with ideas on how to measure our exercise. We went to Minato no Mieru Oka Kouen to practice running for their cross country day, had dance exercise and played tag games… We found out that sometimes we could take more steps playing tag games than during a 1.3km run!

As a result of this experience all the students became more comfortable with running and achieved their goals on cross country day! It was a fun to count steps through these exercises!

Fitness unit with pedometers! on PhotoPeach

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