Grade 4 Movement Composition Performance Day

Grade 4 Students have finished their movement composition unit with a creative performance.

The students learned basic skills, rolls, balance poses, travels and dance. Each group had to include those essential elements in their performance. They composed 1 phrase of dance (8 beats x 4) and 6-10 gymnastic movements. Once they created their performance, their coordination skills became better and better. Their commitment toward their performance was also impressive and they demonstrated supportive attitudes towards each other. All the performances were very creative and enjoyable.

Congratulations to all Grade 4 students!

4B – An,Oscar,Colin

4B – Ken,Karthik,Aya,Mitsuki

4B – Daniil,Anish,Khadija,Mai

4B – Josh,Eileen,Jungsu,Alicia

4G – Kento,Jolie,Ludvig

4G – Jombin,Taiga,Zarah,Amy

4G – Theo,Polina,Troy,Hayley

4G – Vincent,Julian,Toshimi,Ellenah

4N – Lisa,Oliver,Issey,Ingrid

4N – Ryuta,Harold,Aika,Lele

4N – Juliet,Kaat,Taiki, Kiko

4N – Julia,Sojiro,Taka,Sharan

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