Welcome to YIS Elementary PE!

Welcome to YIS Elementary PE!

We have already had an exciting start in PE. We started off with the Adventure Challenge Unit. With the new classes and friends, students have been working hard communicating and helping each other in class. Here are some photos from the last two weeks!

To participate fully in PE, please bring your…

  • YIS PE shirt
  • Athletic shorts/pants
  • Sports shoes that cover their entire foot and offer support
  • Water bottle
  • Small towel
  • Hat (only for outdoor PE classes)

You can purchase a PE shirt at the school store (Dragon’s Den) that is located inside the cafeteria.
In grades 3-5, we will always offer the students an opportunity to shower/wash after PE to promote good hygiene. We do ask that students in these grades bring a change of clothes to wear after PE so that they don’t have to spend the rest of their day in sweaty clothes.
I look forward to a great year with the students!

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