About Mrs. Clark (日本語は下)

I am a Physical Education teacher at Yokohama International School and teach Kindergarten, grades 2, 4, 8 and 9. I am also a mom who has two very fun kids. I live with my husband, my children and a dog. We love skiing, snowboarding, hiking, swimming, running, playing tennis and traveling together.

Why did I become a PE teacher?

When I was a small girl (actually I should say when I was young because I am still a small person), I loved playing outside and doing sports but I was not really a super athletic kid. One of my good friends was the tallest and the fastest runner in the whole grade and I always thought she looked very old and mature compared to me. She could do all kinds of things that I couldn’t and I remember wanting to be like her. At the same time, I was growing up quite slowly and becoming a sporty person like her was just a distant dream…

When I studied Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education at university to become a teacher, I remembered the dream I had. I had an opportunity to add an extra major to my studies and decided to take Health and Physical Education. It was a challenging course for me because all my friends were good athletes who played on the university teams. I learned different types of sports that I had never tried before. My friends gave me advice and helped me learn. I was lucky to have many teachers/friends around me. I always found that it was fun to learn and accomplish new skills and abilities. The other things I found out was that “I could really enjoy learning in Physical Education!”

I taught in Elementary school(Grade 1 – 6) at Tamagawa Academy in Tokyo Japan for 12 years.
I was also a member of the experiential education program at Tamagawa Academy. I took workshops, designed curriculum, and lead adventure based programs during my PE classes and with the international exchange program. I also taught at a public elementary school in Yokohama, Japan and did some substitute teaching at the ELC and Elementary at YIS for a few years. This year I start my eighth year of full time teaching at YIS.

I have also been a licensed ski instructor with the Ski Association of Japan since 1994. In addition to teaching skiing, I’ve trained university level education students how to instruct skiing as part of their student teaching. Snowboarding is what I do when I want to completely relax.

Fit for life!
My current passions also include hiking and camping. I want to make sure to maintain a healthy life style so I can continue hiking mountains when I become an old woman. I enjoy climbing because step by step I am able to move forward and often see very different views. For me, hiking always teaches me my abilities and changes my perspective of the world.
                                                    Images by Adam Clark

What kind of person do you want to be?

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