Grade 4 Who We Are / Individual Pursuit

Who We are / Cross Country running

Changes in people’s bodies can affect their mental and physical states

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We started our running practice for the cross country day. Every lesson we go to the Harbor View Park (Minatonomieru Oka Kouen) in front of the school.
The students are getting idea of the distance of Negishi course. One lap Negishi park is 1.3km. We can run same distance or longer around the school!

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ES Cross Country Day Information 2015

Elementary XC day 2014-6Elementary XC day 2014-191

The annual YIS Cross Country will be held in Negishi park on Thursday, November 12th.

The students will have choices to run 1 lap (1.3km) or 2 laps (2.6km). They will set their own goals and try to achieve them on that day.

Every PE class from Grade 3-5 will have the opportunity to complete some practice in advance of this exciting day. Students will be bussed to Negishi Park during two special PE lessons ahead of the day (Grade 4 & 5 : October 21st and November 4th, Grade 3 : October 21st and November 6th). The PE department will be sharing more information about the event as it nears, so be sure to check back to this blog regularly.

Gr3-5 students who are keen to complete more training might like to talk to their parents about adding some extra walking, bicycle riding or perhaps a game of tennis, hockey or any other sport that gets the heart racing and the legs moving.

As the holiday approaches, it might be time to think about whether students have the most appropriate gear for Cross Country and PE, some ideas may include:

All students need to wear proper athletic running shoes. Please do not buy the brightest lovely colored ones you see. Please go to a running/athletic shoe specific shop, take your old shoes and then talk to the person who know about feet, shoes, and exercise.

Sports Shorts/shirts etc.
Try and choose sport fabrics and then buy some warmer layers for colder weather. All YIS students are required to wear a YIS T-shirt to PE which can be purchased in the store.

The school store hours are:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:15 – 11:30 am


Grade 4 Adventure Challenge

Sharing the Planet

Working in a team can build self-worth and personal responsibility

How could I use my thinking skills? listening skills? speaking skills?

What was helpful for you when you were wearing a blindfold? What allowed you to feel safe?

When could you use your speaking and listening skills effectively?

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Welcome to YIS Elementary PE!

Welcome to YIS Elementary PE!

All elementary students will begin their PE lessons this week. The first few weeks of PE will take place in our gym with air conditioning until the weather is cooler.
Please bring your…
  • YIS PE shirt
  • Athletic shorts/pants
  • Sports shoes that cover their entire foot and offer support
  • Water bottle
  • Small towel
  • Hat (only for outdoor PE classes)
Please don’t worry if you don’t have a fully prepared PE kit for the first week, come to PE in comfortable clothes for the first class. You can purchase a PE shirt at the school store that is located inside the cafeteria.
In grades 3-5, we will always offer the students an opportunity to shower/wash after PE to promote good hygiene. We do ask that students in these grades bring a change of clothes to wear after PE so that they don’t have to spend the rest of their day in sweaty clothes.
I look forward to seeing all my students soon!
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ES Sports Day photos 2015

We had a very exciting Elementary Sports Day this week. This year, ELC  joined the Elementary sports day for the first time. It was a beautiful sunny day and a national holiday in Japan so many families could come to support our students.

All of the students had completed a unit based on individual pursuits with the central idea “As people grow, new skills, abilities and understandings develop”; They had learnt how to run, throw and jump.

How can I run faster? quicker?
How can I jump farther? higher? faster?
How can I throw stronger? more accurately?

In class, they inquired into different ways to run, throw and jump through activities.
On the Sports Day, we had 8 activity stations where each class had to work together to achieve success. Each activity was based on running, throwing or jumping, so the students could showcase their learning from the unit.

The ELC, Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 had a focus of collaborating as best as they could to support their class. Grades 3, 4 and 5 were collaborating in their class teams to build a team score and bonus points were awarded at each station for enthusiasm, how well the class collaborated and cared for each other.

We had 16 Middle School student leaders to support the event this year and they lead the activity stations. They demonstrated fantastic leadership skills that helped the Elementary students.
The Elementary students showed their best skills and had a fantastic day!

Elementary Sports Day Photos (Click the photo and you can see more!)

Grade 3 – Grade 5 photos