Cross Country Day – November 20th 2013

Cross Country – November 20th 2013

The annual YIS Cross Country will be held in Negishi Park on Wednesday 20th November.

Every PE class from Grade 3-12 will have the opportunity to complete some practice in advance of this exciting day!  The PE department will be sharing some information about the event and this week we would like to share some training ideas for MSHS to prepare for race day.  ES students are pretty active in PE as well as at recess and lunch, any G3-5 student who is keen to complete more training might like to talk to their parents about adding some extra walking, bicycle riding or perhaps a busy game of tennis, soccer, hockey or any other sport that gets the heart racing and the legs moving.

As the holiday approaches, it might be time to think about whether students have the most appropriate gear for Cross Country and PE, some ideas may include:

Shoes – All students need to wear proper athletic running shoes. Please do not buy the brightest lovely colored ones you see. Please go to a running/athletic shoe specific shop, take your old shoes and then talk to the person who knows about feet, shoes and needs – tell them about your need/s and any injury or issues you currently have. Try on many and then buy a pair.  This can be challenging if you don’t speak Japanese, but there are lots of running blogs about footwear and your friendly PE teacher can also assist you along the way.   The barefoot/minimalist shoes have brought out many different ideas and theories and it is important to know what is best for you and your body before you put miles into your shoes.

Socks – not all socks are created equally. Talk to sports shop people about socks and climate here in Yokohama. Good socks can cost more but you may find that they last longer in this climate and that you need less sock not more. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, try a few different types and then buy the one/s that you love.

Sports Shorts/shirts etc. – go and try on a variety of brands and get things that fit you well. Try and choose the dry-fit type fabrics and then buy some warmer layers for colder weather. Think about when you exercise, and if it includes the dark, try and get some gear with reflective panels or bright colours.  All YIS students are required to wear a YIS T-shirt to PE – check with the school shop to claim yours!

Sports Bras – Are expensive and don’t always do the job. Try different brands and sizes until you find something that works (is supportive and doesn’t chafe etc.) best for you.

Grade 8 Handball -Assignment-

PE8 – Invasion –
Handball Assignment

  • Community and Service
  • Living & working with others requires effective organisational skills.
  • How can we organise ourselves?

Assessment Task Criteria A: Knowledge & Understanding

Third Wave Attack Set Play – How can we organise our set play?

By the due day, you are to create a “Third Wave Attack Set Play”.

You need to do this on video and upload it to your blog. Get creative if you like but it needs to be easy to understand.

You need to narrate over the top of your video and include the following 4 items:-

  1. Place each of your team members into a position using their first name. Explain why you put that player in that position.

  2. Full easy to understand description of your Set Play using Handball terminology.

  3. Group Work. How did we organise each other in the Games? explain how each player helped to organise the group by describing the Group Work skills.

  4. What worked? What didn’t work? What would you do next time?

    Please refere to the TSC for more detail

Assessment Task Criteria C: Performance

The Jump Shot & Movement Concepts

During the small and large games we will play, you will be assessed on your ability to apply smart Game Sense (Movement Concepts). Passing and moving, Identifying space, Using space, Making space for yourself, Making space for others are all concepts that help effective play in Invasion Games.

Your Third Wave Attack Set Plays will be a good chance to allow you to show effective Game Sense and movement concepts.

You will also be assessed on your Jump Shot. Can you show a technically correct, fluent, stylish and energetic Jump Shot? Can you do this under the pressure of defence? In a game?

Please refere to the TSC for more detail

Assessment Task Criteria D: Personal & Social Engagement

Team Organisation

Effective teams are organised. You will be assessed on your ability to organise your team through both on field play and off the field management time.

Your organisational skills will certainly be needed when showing your Third Wave Attack Set Play during the lessons.

Please refere to the TSC for more detail


Dear Students, we in the PE dept are so excited to see you back and ready for the new year. When you think about success – what comes to mind and how does this combine with MYP PE?
The Middle Year’s Program (MYP) is the framework that YIS uses from G6-10 in all subjects. In PE that means that you will not arrive and just play games – you will need to be ready for much more learning than that! You should be challenged to be successful as a balanced student – to take risks in trying new concepts; to lead; to support leadership; to be engaged and informed in a variety of units. You will learn about skills that can applied to a variety of sport models and find your way through these with support.
Adventure Challenges!

Please come prepared for PE. Arrive on time and not before, remember we share the facilities to allow all students to enjoy PE so wait your turn! Please bring your YIS shirt (PE or other YIS shirt) and sports shorts; full water bottle; appropriate shoes for your activities and a positive attitude. (A towel might be good too to have a quick ‘shower’ as it is super hot right now)
Treat others as you would like to be treated! Respect goes a long way, show respect for your learning, your environment, your peers and your teachers and especially respect yourself. We hope that you will Try your best in every lesson, that is what we hope is your expectation of your own learning too.
Feeling sick? Try staying at home and recovering so you are back on your feet more quickly. If you have to be at school, please bring a note or have your parent/guardian shoot us an email so we know what is going on with you. If you have a long term issue, please let us talk to your therapist or your parent/guardian, we want to see you active and doing the best you can do with your injury or illness. If you feel sick during the school day, please go and see the nurse before you come to PE.
Want to contribute to positiveness in PE? Then please leave your valuables in your locker – there is no safe place in PE for them. If you need to use your phone, camera or computer in PE , your teacher will let you know.