Grade 5 Movement Composition performances

Grade 5 hosted a large audience of parents this week to perform their movement composition sequences. Each group created an opening dance followed by 14 different gymnastics skills and then a closing dance to finish their performance.

We have been inquiring into how we can communicate our ideas and feelings through movement to impress an audience. We have learnt what effective group communication is in a creative setting and the importance of appropriately applying skills to express ourselves.

The performances were fantastic and a greta way to celebrate the learning of the students. Please enjoy the videos!




Grade 2 and 3 Movement Composition final performances

As part of Action portfolio week, Grade 2 and 3 have performed their sequence of gymnastics movements that they have created over the current unit. We have focused on the concepts of form, function and perspective to consider how to make an entertaining performance for our audience.

Grade 2 created 8 move sequences and Grade 3 created 10 move sequences.

We hope you enjoy the shows!





Welcome to ES PE 2016/17!

The year has started well in PE, our excited and energetic students have been busily learning how to work in teams successfully to solve challenges. Our focus has been on how do we use speaking and listening to make the best group decisions. We have also thought about our attitudes to others when things don’t go as well as we hoped – we aimed to try to be cooperative, tolerant and to have empathy at all times through our challenges.

Enjoy a few pictures of some of our Grade 1, 2 and 5 students completing different challenges.

image4 image3 image2 image1 IMG_0527

ELC & Elementary School Sports Day is coming up soon!

DSC_0088-M 2015 ES Sports Day-16-M

We are very happy to announce that Elementary Sports Day will take place at the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club (YC&AC) on Friday April 29.

As well as a great deal of fun with team and individual activities, this year’s Sports Day will be a celebration of the students’ learning of individual pursuit, running, jumping and throwing. The students will explore events with the skills they learned during the current unit in Physical Education. The ELC will participate in the Elementary Sports day as well.

The date of the event, Friday, April 29, is a Japanese national holiday and provides a great opportunity for parents and relatives to attend the event up at YC&AC. Please feel invited to come along and be part of the day and cheer loud!

The programme of events and the key times are:

  • ELC, Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Grade 2 are to meet at the YC&AC at 8:50am and will be dismissed from the YC&AC at 11:30am.

    *Please note there are no classes for the elementary school this day and no students will be taken back to school. They should be dropped off and picked up from YC&AC.

  • Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 are to meet at the YC&AC at 12:45pm and will be dismissed from the YC&AC at 3:50pm.

    *Please note there are no classes for the elementary school this day and G3-5 students will not need to attend school in the morning or go back to school afterwards. They should be dropped off and picked up from YC&AC.

Below is a list of what the students need to bring on the day:

  • T-Shirt

  • Track top / rain jacket if required

  • Appropriate running shorts / track pants

  • Running sneakers

  • Hat

  • Water bottle full

  • Small snack (Onigiri, fruit)

  • Medication if required (please leave with the school nurse)

  • Small bag for the above items

All staff are looking forward to this day of sport, fun and spirit. We have also seen a great deal of excitement in the students, too. Again, please feel warmly invited to attend this day. We hope to see many of you there.

Place : Yokohama Country & Athletic Club (access map) (alternative pdf version)

Grade 12 cooking

Grade 12 have all taken part in a cooking class with our school cafeteria staff. As the students move on to the next part of their lives, giving each student the knowledge of how to prepare nutritious, healthy meals is part of ensuring their physical wellbeing. After collaboratively preparing their dishes, everyone enjoyed sampling their dishes.

Enjoy the photographs and the recipes are attached for anyone who would like to save them for future use.

YIS G12 cooking 2015/16


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.57.06 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.56.59 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.56.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.56.43 PM

Grade 5 Movement Composition

Grade 5 completed the final performances of their Movement Composition unit this week. Each group collaborated to create the performance, they were asked to include: two dance sections and 12-14 gymnastics skills that included balances, rolls and ways of travelling.

We were mindful that a successful performance is enjoyable for our audience to watch, so we thought carefully about how to make the performance as enjoyable for the audience as possible.

Enjoy the videos and we would love to read your comments!

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Movement Composition final performances

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students have recently completed their final performances of their movement composition units. We inquired into the central idea “Ideas and feelings can be communicated with others through movement”.

Kindergarten students had to select 5 of their favourite moves and complete them with their group. Grade 1 students had to create an 8 move sequence that included balances, rolls and different ways of travelling.

Enjoy the performances!


Grade 1

Grade 2 and 3 Movement Composition performances 2015/16


Since the beginning of December, Grade 2 and 3 have been completing units on Movement Composition. Through the units we focused on developing new skills and then we thought about how we could join these skills together so that it was entertaining for an audience to watch.

For the action part of the unit, each group had to create and perform a combination of gymnastics skills to an audience of their parents.This week is action portfolio week at YIS and parents came to PE class today for the final performance, each of the groups did their best performance and were all very proud of their efforts.

Enjoy the performances and we would love to receive some comments that celebrate our hard work.

Grade 2

Grade 3

YIS Elementary Cross Country Day 2015


Yesterday was our annual cross country event at YIS. All of the students from Grade 3-5 chose to complete one or two laps of Negishi Park. With each lap being 1.3km, this is quite a challenge for many of the students. We played some games together to help get warmed up and then we began the races.

I’m glad to say that there was plenty of resilience and determination on show, balanced with an equal amount of fun and support for each other. It was truly wonderful to see how the students supported one another to finish the race, it spoke volumes about the YIS community and the wonderful students we have here. A big thank you to all the teachers, parents and students who made the day a resounding success.

IMG_8516 image5 image4

ES Cross Country Day Information 2015

Elementary XC day 2014-6      Elementary XC day 2014-191

The annual YIS Cross Country will be held in Negishi park on Thursday, November 12th.

The students will have choices to run 1 lap (1.3km) or 2 laps (2.6km). They will set their own goals and try to achieve them on that day.

Every PE class from Grade 3-5 will have the opportunity to complete some practice in advance of this exciting day. Students will be bussed to Negishi Park during two special PE lessons ahead of the day (Grade 4 & 5 : October 21st and November 4th, Grade 3 : October 21st and November 6th). The PE department will be sharing more information about the event as it nears, so be sure to check back to this blog regularly.

Gr3-5 students who are keen to complete more training might like to talk to their parents about adding some extra walking, bicycle riding or perhaps a game of tennis, hockey or any other sport that gets the heart racing and the legs moving.

As the holiday approaches, it might be time to think about whether students have the most appropriate gear for Cross Country and PE, some ideas may include:

All students need to wear proper athletic running shoes. Please do not buy the brightest lovely colored ones you see. Please go to a running/athletic shoe specific shop, take your old shoes and then talk to the person who know about feet, shoes, and exercise.

Sports Shorts/shirts etc.
Try and choose sport fabrics and then buy some warmer layers for colder weather. All YIS students are required to wear a YIS T-shirt to PE which can be purchased in the store.

The school store hours are:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:15 – 11:30 am