Digital Citizenship Week Coming Up!

As part of our Connected Learning Community, we are highlighting the importance of balance, safety and responsible behavior online (generally called “Digital Citizenship”).

Great lesson w/gr 6 today in prep for Digital Citizenship Week!

One of the ways that we are bringing attention to these ideas is through our new Digital Citizenship Week, taking place 16 – 20 April. Each day will have a theme:

  • Monday: Balance
  • Tuesday: Safety
  • Wednesday: Behavior
  • Thursday: Reflection
  • Friday: Possibilities

During the week we will have a variety of activities, including short conversation starters each morning in tutor group, a specialized tutor lesson for the week, and extended sessions with each of the middle school grade levels, all culminating in our MS Assembly on Friday morning.

Digital Citizenship Week is intended to enhance and support our current Digital Citizenship curriculum, currently taught in Humanities: Digital Dragons. We’ll be highlighting these themes again at the end of the year with a special visit from Robyn Treyvaud, amazing speaker and leading expert on citizenship.

We hope this week will give our students a chance to think about the choices they make, and to reflect on the impact of our first year of the Connected Learning Community.

Conversations at home to support the themes of balance, safety and responsible behavior online during the week (and beyond) would be a great way to help build these important understandings.

Community is at the Heart of the CLC

At the heart of our laptop program is the word community.  Community is the at the center of our laptop initiative because our program transcends the provision of laptop computers to students.  We are firmly focused on the what we can do with technology, the windows to the world that technology opens, rather than the technology itself.

If the life of our program is in the community, what exactly has our community been doing?  

  • We’ve been learning about what a responsible learner looks like.
  • We’ve been learning about putting balance in our lives.  We can’t spend all of our time using a laptop!
  • We are learning how to collaborate online.
  • We are learning how to be respectful and how to protect our privacy.
  • Most importantly we are leveraging our laptops to access information, to share, and to publish our work.

How do we know we are learning with technology?  

It’s in our daily practise, in the way that technology is helping to redefine learning at YIS.Has everything been smooth sailing?  There have been some choppy waters, but actually things have been going remarkably well.  We’ve had some who have had trouble finding balance in their lives.  Remember, it’s in the conversations that happen both at school and at home that we come to common understandings, and set expectations.  There have been some adjustments on the network and hardware side.  We’ve had a water spill (and a perfume spill) , a laptop left on a train (and thankfully returned) and a dropped laptop.  Overall the students are very careful with their laptop.

With technology there is always a road forward.  Some highlights include:

  • An extension of the CLC to Grade 5.  All students in Grade 5 now have their own laptop that they don’t take home.
  • The continued development of our blogs with assignment information, and opportunities for reflection.  This is another example of our CLC connecting home and school.
  • An exploration of Student Information Systems in order to find one that gives students and parents live assignment, attendance, grade information.

One thing is certain, our Connected Learning Community will continue to develop and I’m sure it will go places we haven’t even imagined.  If you want to learn more about the skills and tools that you can use, and that will help you to become and active member of our Connected Learning Community, we look forward to seeing you at one of our technology coffee mornings.  After all, we are all learning together.