Write like you are in your pyjamas…

Sandra Cisneros visited YIS a few years ago and the advice she gave when writing creative pieces was to …. write like you are in your pyjamas. So that is what we are doing.

We are writing our own vignettes. They will include a theme, emotion, tone and precision of language. We’ll use literary techniques to show the story and convey meaning.

IMG_1069 IMG_1068


Learning today

1. Please give your printed copy of the Vignette Analysis to Mr Hillbourne.

2. Read for 10 minutes

3. Bleet: Write a short thank you to Sandra Cisneros explaining how one of her vignettes made you think differently. Remember you need to explain your thinking.

Use only 140 words and put it on your own blog as well as our 7C blog…put them all in one post like we did last time. No more than 140 words!

4. If there is any time left – enjoy some more reading time. Or add to our 7C blog – feel free to get creative with it!

Monday’s mission

1. Write a short story in response to one of these topics:

* My day as a pencil

* My Home

* A Fine Friend

* Red Balloon.

Take no longer than 20 minutes. Write in your note book.

2. Write an analytical paragraph. Work in pairs which means you will be writing the paragraph together.


  • Use our theme table to choose a vignette to analyse.
  • Make a copy of the document: Theme Analysis Paragraph.
  • Use the planning table on the Theme Analysis Paragraph document and plan your paragraph carefully. When you planning is complete, write your paragraph on the same document underneath the table. Read the information on the document carefully. We will finish this in class tomorrow.

3. Read – use the last 15 minutes of class to read…I love reading.

Wednesday work

1. Read for 15 minutes (Yay! Get lost in your book…)

2. Complete three tasks from this document. Check the instructions carefully. It is due on Monday. You will need to read up to page 57 of The House on Mango Street.

3. Review language terms. Use the handout I gave you yesterday to organise the terms. Here is our Vocabulary Sheet we worked on. Take some time to become familiar with the terms we have learned so far.


Learning Today

1. Read for 20 minutes (yay! so much reading time! so lucky!)

2. Write for 15 minutes….choose one of the following topics and write in your writing book. Remember you can write in any style (except just a list this time). Have some fun.

* So many frogs.

* A soccer match – from the perspective of the ball

* The mystery of Tom G.

* Rain.

3. Choose something to put on our blog. Don’t put it on yet, we have a few things to organise with the setting up, but be ready to share next week.

Enjoy. And I hope the ISAs went well.