KC Spelling Inquiry

KC children have been experimenting with rhyme. This morning, they noticed the words my and by in our daily message. They came up with a list of words that rhyme with my and by.

When we looked carefully at the words on the list, the children discovered there were many ways to represent the “y” sound. They sorted and grouped the words according to the spelling.


They noticed that +y was the most common, followed by +ie. Other less common ways of representing the same sound included:

Being able to hear rhymes in words, and being able to understand some of the ways letters are combined to represent these sounds form an important part of reading and spelling.

Perhaps you can think of some more words? We could add them to our list and analyze the spelling patterns.

6 thoughts on “KC Spelling Inquiry

  1. I have thought of these often forgotten plural forms: cacti (cactus), octopi (octopus), platypi (platypus), etc… which end in “i”.

  2. Hi, Kai, who is moving to Shanghai. That’s my reply. So I can’t cry. Cry, bye, hi. die, dye, dive, eye, I’ve, guy, rye, fly, tie, pie, sigh, vie, why…my strategy was writing down the alphabet. We went down the alphabet letter by letter and made words with the “I” sound. For example, let’s say reply. I just went to the “R” and said, “Reply!”

  3. What a good strategy, Paige. Maybe you can share our idea with the other students? We could try using your strategy to make some other rhyming words.

  4. Dear Luke
    We talked about broccoli but we don’t know the answer. We thought about adding an s to make it plural. Then we though about what Lars’ dad wrote about plurals with an i. We looked at our word lists for different spellings of i. Some people thought it could be broccolies. Issey thought it might be with double i, like broccolii. Carl liked brocolligh. We tried broccolai but nobody thought that looked right. Aika and Lars thought it might be broccolie. Paige thought it could be brocolly but she changed her mind when she saw it written down. Tash Googled brocolli and read that singular and plural are the same (like sheep). So we have lots of possibilities be we still don’t know for sure. Most people think ie. From KC

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