A New Space!

Yuka has been thinking about how we could use the outside space behind the Kindergarten classrooms. This morning we took the children outside to see the space. Yuka asked the children what they thought we should do with the space.

Plant some things, like vegetables
No, no, no it’s not good for vegetables. It’s good for flowers.
But we can eat vegetables.
But flowers will be better because they are pretty and they can smell.
It’s too dark here so that’s why vegetables is better.
We’ve got no water.
We could bring water.
Yes, we have water from our class room.
There’s no sun here and you need sun to grow.
I think I like a flower or something.
Decorate the place and have a party here.
We could have firework.
Hey I’ve got a good idea -maybe firecrackers.
That’s a good idea.
We cannot make that.
We can make it snow.
We can do fireworks, just a tiny one, with some sticks.
Yeah, I did that before.
Or maybe something to go in the sky.
Hey ! It’s my turn to speak. I’ve got a shop close to my house and there’s ghost fireworks and I want to try that but my mum doesn’t buy it for me so I want to do it.
I like sitting here.
So think about the space. How much space do we have?
Just a little.
We can plant flowers.
We cannot plant, there’s so many weeds we have to pick.
I think we can make flowers here because it’s so big place.
And we have vegetable already in the other one. (garden)
Maybe the ‘Bob the Builders’ builders can build some playing thing for us.
They can build things that doesn’t fell when the earthquake comes.
We already have a flower here like a tulip so we don’t have to plant a flower.
But we cannot see that flower so we need a flower another one.

We will return to our discussion over the next few days, so that we can develop some of the children’s ideas.

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