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We have been talking about authors. The children know that authors write stories. The children are learning that stories can be about things that really happened (fiction) or things from the author’s imagination (non-fiction). They are learning that stories can be told using pictures or words, or often both.

Some children couldn’t think of anything to write about. We wondered where writers get their ideas.

  • If you remember something from a long time ago.
  • I get my idea if watch it on television.
  • From things you like, like Sponge Bob.
  • If you saw something funny you could write about that.
  • You can write about scary things.
  • You can write about books like in the meanies book.
  • I write about things I do with my mum and my dad and my sister.

We have started to keep a big notebook where we can record our writing ideas.

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  1. We are the grandmother + grandfather of Leander Mund , living near Hannover in the North of Germany. We like to see, what the children are doing in the Kindergarden and how Leander does the works.
    Viele Grüße
    Karen Lüders

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