Parent Sharing

Today we had our first monthly Parent Sharing session. As part of our Unit of Inquiry into Where We Are In Place and Time, we decided to trial a new initiative to strengthen links between home and school, and to involve parents in their children’s learning. We invited parents in to class so that the children could share their learning over the last six weeks. We videoed the session and speeded up the video clip so that we have a one minute video clip that children and parents can reflect and comment on. We hope that this will help spark discussion at home and at school about the children’s personal learning journeys.

2 thoughts on “Parent Sharing

  1. thank you for sharing some of you schoolday with me. It must be fun to be in KC
    Walters mum

  2. Looks like everybody is having a great time. Thank you for sharing.
    Hal’s Dad (who would have loved to be there!)

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