A busy day out doors!

Today we had a busy day out, full of nature-watching and adventuring. We started by digging sweet potatoes at a near-by potato field. This is a popular Kindergarten experience in Japanese schools at this time of year, and helps children to understand where food comes from and the cycle of the seasons.

We had a picnic lunch in the park and then spent a long time clambering in a section of hilly woodland in the park. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to work their muscles and develop their gross motor skills. As the children worked together to help each other climb up and down a very steep slope, they were engaged in problem solving, risk-taking and collaborating as well as supporting and encouraging each other. They spent over an hour developing strategies to help them negotiate the slope.

On the way home we stopped to sketch some of the changes we observed in the park this week. We were not the only ones sketching! There were some delightful exchanges between the Kindergarten children and the more experienced adults, out with their sketch-books and water colours.

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4 thoughts on “A busy day out doors!

  1. Ryan
    That looks like so much fun! I can’t believe how big the sweet potatoes are – must have been hard work digging them up!

  2. Wow what a lovely day you all had. We have a vegetable plot in our school garden but we can’t grow sweet pototoes here in Brighton, England. We do grow lots of other things that we use in school to eat and cook with. We grow tomatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot, runner beans, garlic, pumpkins, apples, redcurrants, spinach, courgettes and cabbages.

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