Dads in Kindergarten!

We have had lots of mums coming in to KC, working with children and planning with teachers. We wanted to have some dads come in to class as well.

A couple of week ago Ulrich, Leander’s dad, came in and talked about his job. He showed the children where he worked (“So high up!”) and explained that the company he works with makes a special component which makes car breaking systems safer. He showed the logos of the car manufacturing companies his company works with. The children recognized the logos and were able to tell Ulrich what kind of car they had. They were excited to think that their car contained a component made by Ulrich’s company!

This morning, Greg, Ryan’s dad came to our morning meeting to tell us about his job. Greg works on programming for mobile phones. He showed the children how mobile phones had developed over the last fourteen years.

He explained how his job was to to improve the “ingredients” that make phones so that the phones get better and better over time. He showed the first palm-held computer he worked on, which had a black and white screen and no phone capacity. Then he showed the other phones that he worked on after that and explained how the features developed over time to include coloured screen, telephone, rotating screen, touch screen and smaller memory cards with bigger capacity.

In class we thought about our unit of inquiry into how we learn and change over time, and reflected that mobile phones have done the same!

2 thoughts on “Dads in Kindergarten!

  1. I’m very glad I was able to share my work with the children this morning, they had so many great questions for me! I really enjoyed my visit!
    Greg (Ryan’s Dad)

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