Searching for Nature’s Treasures

Throughout the school year, we shall be visiting the park opposite school to observe the changing seasons. As part of our Japanese Culture program, we will be celebrating the coming of Autumn (Aki). Colorful leaves (koyo) are to the Japanese autumn what cherry blossoms are to spring. Throughout the month of October, we shall be visiting the park frequently to look for signs of Aki. Today we gave the children special sketch-books and pencils and headed off the the park to see what we could find.

Searching For Nature’s Treasures on PhotoPeach

3 thoughts on “Searching for Nature’s Treasures

  1. Looks so much fun! Nia came out of school so excited to tell us all about her very special day at school.

  2. What a great way to find treasures in Nature. seems like you found a lot. Great detailed drawings KC!

    Ms. Elif

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