Where to find a fish?

Today Walter added his name, once again, to our meeting agenda. When his turn came up, he communicated that he wanted to revisit the fish discussion. Together we had a look at the “experiment fish tank” where the children have been testing their paper fish friends. The children commented that the water was dirty from the coloured paper. “And the fish are a soggy mess!” exclaimed Hal.

On several occasions in previous meetings Daan has suggested getting a real fish. Up until now the other children have been engrossed in exploring possibilities with paper fish and his ideas have fallen on deaf ears. Today however, his suggestion meets with approval.

Olivia’s Uncle Simon in Newcastle, England, has fish. Perhaps he could give us one? But how will the fish get to Yokohama? And what if the fish is too big for the tank? Ms Czubak has fish. We could ask her. But what if her fish and our fish fight? We could buy a fish but we need money. We could make money, but we don’t have metal. We could use paper but some children think the people in the shop won’t accept our home-made paper money.

In the end the children agree that Hal and Olivia should write a letter to Ms Pender asking for money. After a brief discussion about whether to send the letter via email or “snail mail”, Hal and Olivia decide to send their letter by email. We are waiting for Ms Pender’s reply.

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