A VoiceThread for KinderPals

A few weeks ago, the children decided to tell KinderPals, their partner Kindergarten class in our Kindergarten Around the World project, about YIS. We brainstormed to come up with a list of important things that the KinderPals might like to know.

The children wrote their initials by the photographs they wanted to take. Over the next week, they went around the school taking photographs. They took many shots and the chose their favorite ones to share with KinderPals.
The children discussed the best way to share this information with KinderPals and decided to make a VoiceThread. They thought that KinderPals might like to leave comments also.
The children have made quite a few VoiceThreads already this term and their development is evident in this most recent one.
Many children were able to leave comments without any help, and the others could comment with a little help from another student.The comments show increasing sense of audience; the children are speaking loudly and clearly and they are including an increasing amount of detail in their comments. When we played back the comments, children were able to offer constructive feedback as “critical friends”.

4 thoughts on “A VoiceThread for KinderPals

  1. Our buddies in Hong Kong want to know about our school. I wonder if you could tell KP about this. I am very impressed with the how clearly you speech and the well thought out things you have to say.

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  3. We enjoyed looking at your tour of the school. We are going to have a daily meeting too. And the children are going to lead as it looked great fun!
    From the children in Class One Cookridge primary School.

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