The process of writing

As part of our writing program, the children are engaged in an on-going, cyclical writing process of planning, drafting, refining and publishing. As they become more experienced writers, the children show an increasing understanding that not all writers follow all steps for each piece of writing. They realize that not all writing is planned; that in a first draft spelling is not so important; that writers go back to their writing again and again to revise their work, making changes, adding details and checking that their work makes sense; that at the publishing stage writing must be legible (handwritten or typed) and the spelling correct so that others can read it.

The children choose what they write about. Some have a preference for fictional writing, others prefer personal recounts, and yet others prefer non-fictional writing about a particular area of interest. We talk frequently about where writers get their ideas, and we have a class “writers’ notebook” where the children can record their writing ideas as they pop into their head.

The children have writing partners. Writing partners help each other to refine their work and advise each other on word choice and additional details.

At any time during a writing inquiry, there will be children working on different steps of the writing process. The children help each other to edit their work and advise each other on word choice and additional details. Not all writing is published. The children have a choice about what writing they want to take through to publishing stage. Published books are shared in our class library and displayed for a time in the school library.

4 thoughts on “The process of writing

  1. KC so many things I admired about your sharing… where to begin
    You listened respectfully
    You had eye contact with your partner, so they knew you were listening to them
    Your body language told me you were listening
    You gave people a chance to explain their ideas, you were very patient
    I want to share this with KP, we are working on being a respectful and helpful partner.

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  3. We also like to share our work with our learning partners. This term we are trying to get better at giving our partners positive praise using the success criteria for that piece of work. Today we were making the front covers of our London information leaflets. Our success criteria was 1. to make a clear bold title, 2 to make an interesting detailed picture and 3. to add an exciting tag line. We will post some of the results on our blog soon so you can see how we got on. We will be working on the inside information writing later in the week and we hope our learning partners will help us improve our writing too.

    Happy New Year to you all x

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