Students, parents and teachers learning mathematics

This week Micheal Ymer has been at YIS, helping students, parents and teachers learn about mathematics.  Michael has been in classrooms to work with children, and has worked with parents at an evening workshop.  Yesterday and today he has been working with teachers, helping teachers to find ways of making mathematics meaningful for children, and to differentiate for the wide range of developmental stages in every class.

Big ideas for parents and teachers were the importance of understanding the devlopmental stages in mathematical understanding, and working with children at a level that is developmentally appropriate for them, irrespective of whether it is below or above grade level expectations.

2 thoughts on “Students, parents and teachers learning mathematics

  1. Hi we tried today to leave a message but our internet was faulty!! I am loving what you are doing in KC class.. those workshops look amazing…. shall I let you into a secret the children in Class One love the Taiko Drums they have been to see our music teacher about them… they would like one here! You have inspired Class One children with your wonderful work.. and I hope we can still visit you blog and see all the wonderful things you have been doing?!

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