An envelope from KinderPals

A large envelope arrived for KC class. We saw from the stamp that it came from Canada. Trenton saw that the post mark was from Abbotsford, BC. The children guessed the envelope was from KinderPals, their tweeting buddies from the global Kindergarten Around the World project. The KC children were excited and wanted to open the letter immediately. “But who will open the envelope?” asked someone. A discussion began:

The KC children were delighted with their cards and are planning a surprise for KinderPals. Since the KC children began their collaboration with KinderPals, the two groups of children have communicated using VoiceThreads, twitter, video clips, blog comments and “snail” mail. The children are developing a relationship with this Kindergarten class on the other side of the world, sharing cultural experiences and finding similarities in their day to day lives.

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