The children review a 100s square iPad app

We have had some new apps installed on our iPads. We regularly review the apps with the children and ask the children to reflect on the educational value of the apps. As a follow up from our work with visiting math consultant Michael Ymer, we have been focusing particularly on Math apps. Some of the children have reviewed a 100s board app, below.

5 thoughts on “The children review a 100s square iPad app

  1. I loved listening to your feedback, and am pleased to see that most of you found the 100s Board app useful. I made this app for my own class, but it’s great to see it being used in other classes too!

    Have you seen the update for this app? It has extra buttons for returning counters, more counters, and a nicer look. Keep up the great math learning!

  2. Dear Matt,
    We really like the new 100s board. We like the googley monsters. They are more fun. We think the button to get the counters back is a GREAT idea because it is much quicker to start a new game. And we also like the new tens frame. Did you make that for your class as well?

  3. Hi there –
    Yes, I did create the Tens Frame app (and most of my other apps) for my class. I teach Year 2 (6 – 7 year olds) in a place called Tauranga, New Zealand.

    If you like the 100s Board and Tens Frame apps, be sure to check out the “1-20” app as well. It is similar to 100s Board but with less numbers!

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