Sharing books in the ELC

Over last semester we have been focusing on writing fictional narratives. Using the First Steps Gradual Release of Responsibility, over time the children have become familiar with and analyzed a wide range of narrative fictions. They have co-authored fictional narratives and with guidance, have written their own narratives.

We have spent much time discussing where writers get their ideas and we have started a class “writers’ notebook” where we keep good writing ideas.

We are working on an ongoing process of writing. By now, the children have all published several books, both fiction and non- fiction.

The children chose some of their published books to share with the children in the ELC. It was a wet, soggy day but the children were excited and enthusiastic and not at all put off by the rain!

At our reflection meeting, children from ELC and KC said they enjoyed the exchange and asked if we could do something else together. At our class meeting, we shall discuss possible next steps.

3 thoughts on “Sharing books in the ELC

  1. Looks like a fun class with lots of different experiences. Good to see them enjoy them selves!

  2. Excellent writing. I am looking forward to visiting and sharing some of your work

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