Flattening classrooms in Kindergarten

Through their engagement with the Kindergarten Around the World project, KC children have begun to develop learning networks outside of their own classroom. They have established particularly strong links with KinderPals in Canada and Woodpeckers in England. Over the year the children have blogged, tweeted, emailed and post-mailed to communicate with the children in these two classes on other sides of the world. The children have compared and shared their learning and have made connections between their learning and the work the children are doing in the other classes.

Tomorrow we will actually meet KinderPals face-to-face for the first time, using Skype. The children are enormously excited to see these children whom they consider to be part of their learning community. I marvel at the fact that these five and six year olds are developing online learning networks and switch so comfortably and appropriately between web 2.0 tools to comunicate effectively far beyond the classroom.

2 thoughts on “Flattening classrooms in Kindergarten

  1. So lovely! Being from Canada, it warms my heart to know that Maya and her friends are connecting in this way to other Canadians. Say hello to the Kinderpals, eh?

  2. Hello KC! My class is very excited to see you tonight! It will be wonderful to see all of your faces and hear your voices.

    See you soon!
    Mrs. Hiebert

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