How many days till Kindergarten? A counting inquiry

Kieran from ELC came to our classroom this morning with a question: “How many days till he started Kindergarten?” Hmmm… Good question! How could we find out? The Kindergarten children thought about it. Well, we have to count said Nikhil. Everyone agreed that this would be a good start. “Wait!” cried Trenton “But what shall we count?” “That’s a very good question!” remarked Hal. Heads nodded as children agreed that it was indeed a very good question.

  • Nikhil We have to count days.
  • Phebe I think it’s seven days.
  • Maya Yes, it’s seven!
  • Trenton I don’t agree with Maya’s idea because it’s too small number.
  • Daan Because it’s not enough, seven.
  • Trenton It has to be more.
  • Daan Maybe one hundred?
  • Nia Well, actually, I don’t know.
  • Hal Well we know it can’t be seven because that’s one week and we know the ELC are not coming to Kindergarten in one week. (Many chuckles at this idea!)
  • Olivia I agree with Hal’s idea, I think it can’t be seven
  • Daan Could it be one hundred, maybe?
  • Nikhil Or ‘finity?
  • Trenton Not infinity!
  • Hal I’ve got it! It’s exactly the same day that we go to grade 1!
  • Olivia Well I noticed that that’s the same as asking how many days till August because I remember that’s when we started in Kindergarten and that’s when Grade 1 starts.
  • Hal At last! We almost have a solution!
  • Trenton We nearly solved our problem!

A group of six children choose to continue to work on finding an answer to Kieran’s question. After much discussion they decided that the next step is to find out which date in August school starts.

As always, the adults observe the children carefully, giving the children time and space to conduct their own inquiries and construct their own understandings but ready to step in and support the learning when the children become stuck and we sense they are getting frustrated. For now, the children are high on motivation and are busy formulating and testing strategies and theories.

2 thoughts on “How many days till Kindergarten? A counting inquiry

  1. What a good question of Kieran and you all did a very good job to help him to find the answer. And do you know how many days till you start in Grade1 ?

  2. Kieran says, “Good try and thanks for answering my question. I’m excited to be in kindergarten because it’s a new grade level and because I will be in the big school soon. See you on the playground.”

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