Our visit to Takarajima Kindergarten

As part of a school wide focus on making connections with our local community, the two YIS Kindergarten classes went to spend time in a Japanese Kindergarten at the beginning of the month. The Kindergarten is called Takarajima -‘Treasure Island’; one of the teachers there told us that the Kindergarten was named after the treasure it holds -the children!

We divided the YIS children into small groups of three or four and they joined the classes of Takarajima students to engage in a wide range of experiences as together they explored signs of autumn. The YIS children had a wonderful time investigating the magical spaces of the yochien.

Zoe made this video that captures some snapshots of our morning.

During this time, both groups of children were connecting with each other, exploring non-verbal possibilities for communicating and enjoying the power of shared experiences. We look forward to following up this connection in the new year.

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