A moon inquiry

Recently the children have been engaged in a student initiated inquiry into the moon, sparked Otsukimi.

  • Jaiden: It’s a light that shines at night.
  • Scarlett: The moon gets smaller and smaller every night and then one night there’s no moon.
  • Yungi: The moon gets small and then it gets big again because I saw it. 
  • Aiden: The moon goes around the earth.
  • Angus: The moon is in the middle of all the planets -it’s a big rock.

I gather up a collection of resources to support and extend the children’s spontaneous inquiry. I assume that not all children will be interested in exploring the same materials. The children learn in different ways so I try to find resources that will cater for different learning styles.

The children have opportunities to construct their understandings about the moon using clay, wire, paint, pen and pencil drawings, books, touch screen reference apps and youtube video clips.

A moon inquiry from tasha cowdy on Vimeo.

The children are engaged in questioning, building, inventing and connecting. They share findings, dispute ideas, test theories and revise their schemas in the light of new information. They are using scientific processes to construct new understandings about the world around them.